Types of Yoga

Types of Yoga


The different types of Yoga provides numerous benefits to the body and mind. It is a peaceful, energizing practice that we all should partake in.



Yoga has been around for many centuries. It originates from India and means 'union'; A union of the body, mind and breath. There are about forty different types of yoga and each is a positive way to reduce these negative factors in our lives. Even if you are practicing only the physical part of yoga you will benefit greatly. Yoga isn't just for the spiritually minded people; everyone can benefit. It seems as though many people feel that there are not great benefits from yoga because one doesn't work up a sweat and get the heart pumping. This is not true, yoga is a calming practice and it works at strengthening the central nervous system and keeping it healthy.


If you find that time is a factor for not pursuing yoga, and it is difficult for you to join a class, there are many yoga tapes available. Most of them require twenty to thirty minutes of your time a day. You could practice in the morning or before bedtime. This is a minimal amount of time to give to your body to ensure proper health and a calm state of mind. Yoga is a positive benefit for people who suffer from anxiety. It can teach you to relax and enhance inner peace.


Hatha yoga is a popular type; it focuses on breathing control. Mantra yoga focuses on chanting and can be a very spiritual practice. Power yoga is great for building stamina and strength. At any rate they all seem to provide similar benefits for your mind and body. The varieties of poses flow one into another, always breathing through the nose. Lunges, standing poses and floor stretches will make you feel as though you have found muscles you didn't know existed. After the first few times you practice yoga you will definitely feel it in your muscles the next day.


Yoga is known for decreasing health problems or fixing existing problems. It is known to help heart conditions, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome and various chronic conditions. It is definitely a holistic approach to healing. Many people swear by it. It is a wonderful way to start the day, especially if the weather is warm and sunny. You can practice outside in the early morning in the backyard with nothing but the birds singing around you. If you practice in the evening, take a hot bath following your yoga session. Drop some Epsom salts in the water to soothe your muscles.



When practicing some of the stretches you will need a towel or a belt. A floor mat is a good asset if you are practicing on an area that isn't carpeted. You will be impressed with the results of yoga. It tones the muscles, improves flexibility and it energizes you.


It is best to practice yoga in bare feet to minimize slipping out of poses and lunges. Just wear comfortable clothing. Light some aromatic candles, dim the lights and push play on the VCR and you are ready for a peaceful workout.

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