Become Your Own Hero -- Say Yes To You

The bottom line that holds people back, more often than not, is fear. So let's take a look at this thing that can stop you from attracting all the great things you want in life.

I'll start with a line from psychology. F.E.A.R.: false evidence appearing real. That's what it is.

When you come into the world you have only two fears: the fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. All other fears come from your conditioning.

At certain times fear has some important uses. When there is some form of real danger, the feeling of fear is what keeps you safe, so at times it's necessary and valid.

However, when it runs your life it can stop you from achieving the happiness and success in life you deserve. It then becomes a huge negative.

Even the most basic fears can destroy success, ambition, and relationships. If you don't learn to deal with fear, you give it the ability to destroy life.

If you want to live in your own authenticity and say, "Yes" to you, who you are and want to be, you have to be willing to understand, alleviate, and move past the feeling of fear.

What Is Fear?

The simple answer is fear, like everything else, is just a feeling manifested by your mind. And, of course, that is what it is.

However, it's really about peeling away the layers. Not necessarily going back to the beginning, but at least understanding how it came into being and where it comes from.

Then being honest enough to acknowledge its presence and put tools into use to create solutions so fear doesn't undermine you. Fear doesn't have power unless you give it power!

It's not that fear is imagined; it FEELS very real. However, if it's based on past experiences or perceived future outcomes, it's not real; it's a manifestation created in your mind, which then turns into a feeling.

When this happens and you think you might be going into the unknown, fear can overwhelm you, sending you into anxiety, panic, and procrastination.

It's about your attachments to old messages. The ones that create your belief systems and keep your fears alive and well. The messages stored in your unconscious.

Most often when someone thinks about doing something new or different, the mind goes into the 'what if ' or 'I can't' default.

* What if I become successful? People would expect much more of me.
* What if it doesn't work and I fail?
* What if I don't have enough knowledge or experience?
* What if I don't have enough money?
* What if I look like an idiot?
* What if the same thing happens as it did before?
* What if I don't lose weight? Why bother?
* I must work hard for the money I earn.
* Money doesn't grow on trees, so I can't have it.
* I'm really not good enough.

I could give you hundreds of examples of messages people play in their heads, usually without even realizing what they are doing. What you think is what you become and how you create your life.

The secret is to change the way you say the words, which will, in turn, help you start changing the way you think. This means you have to become very present and very mindful.

Become consciously aware of the words you use. Pay attention to where you are. It means staying in the now and not allowing your thinking to repeat old messages. State things more positively.

* I deserve to be wealthy.
* I don't have to work hard to earn money.
* I am really great at what I do.
* I eat small, healthy portions, and I feel great.
* I deserve to live the life of my dreams.

It's a bit like using a light switch. When you're in the dark, in order to see what's going on, where you are walking, or what you are doing, you switch on a light. When you're walking around in a state of trance/unconscious, you're walking around in the dark. Just imagine how bright your life would be if you switched on the light and walked around in a state of consciousness.

This doesn't mean you have to be perfect. You're human. You might slip back from time to time. However, it's not about never slipping; it's about how long it takes you to recognize that you need to reframe what you are thinking.

"Let your mind be the open door through which you can create the dreams you want to achieve." - Unknown
Also, remember when you are feeling happy, joyful, excited, and positive, you won't feel fear and doubt. The negative and positive can't exist in the same space, so if you choose to stay conscious and think positively, you will rarely have any fear or doubt.

Your life is up to you; there are absolutely no limits to what you have the ability to do or create. Don't allow old messages to steal your dreams and stop you from manifesting what it is you truly want in your life.

You have absolutely astonishing power and brilliance; it's all in your mind. Live your life fearlessly.

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