Take an active role

There is no scarcity, only the perception of it. Abundance is the
true nature of life.
Life is abundant, but that doesn't mean it is free of effort or
responsibility. On the contrary, effort and responsibility play key
roles in making life's abundance real and accessible.

Your life is incredibly rich, but that doesn't mean you can be lazy
and complacent about it. It means that you have something truly
valuable to sustain, to express and to continue nurturing.

Your blessings are many, and yet if you fail to put them to
productive use they will be of little value to you. Your skills,
knowledge, abilities and resources will take you anywhere you wish to
go, and yet you must be the one to do the going.

Take an active role in life and you will make it great. There are
always countless opportunities for worthwhile effort and
responsibility, commitment and competence.

Life has so very much to offer. Offer yourself fully to life, and
you'll surely experience its magnificent abundance.

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