Massaging these points for 10 minutes can alleviate pain and cure diseases

1. Sinusitis11. Diseases of the ear20. Diabetes29. Pain Aisias38. Shoulder Pain
2. Headaches12. Toothache21. Kidney disease30. Infertility39. Almond pain
3. Anxiety13. Lung disease22. Small intestine
31. Sexual stimulation
40. Hormone deficiency
4. Passing out14. Heart disease23. Digestive disorders32. Joint pain41. Weight loss
5. Insomnia15. Diseases of blood flow24. Large intestine33. Leg pain42. Thyroid nodules
6. Stimulate Memory16. Hypertension25. Bulimia34. Heel pain43. Parathyroid pain
7. Cooling17. Diseases of the stomach26. Intestinal obstruction35. Hemorrhoids
8. Ear specialist18. Diseases of the spleen27. Appendix 36. Back pain
10. Vision problems19. Liver disease28. Bladder37. Lower back pain

1. Sinusitis 12. Eye Diseases23. Joints34. Appendix45. Weight loss
2. Headache13. Ear diseases24. Small intestine35. Hemorrhoids46. Diaphragm
3. Anxiety14. Shoulder pain25. Hypertension36. Aisias Pain47. A lump in the thyroid gland
4. Depression 15. Lung disease26. Spleen Diseases37. Fertility Problems48. Parathyroid pain
5. Insomnia 16. Diarrhea (dysentery)27. Indigestion38. Sexual arousal49. Cervical pain
6. Cooling 17. Diseases of the stomach28. Large intestine39. Womb50. Back pain
7. Energy stimulation 18. Liver disease29. Loss of appetite40. Prostate51. Spinal pain
8. Stress 19. Menstrual cramps30. Intestinal diseases41. Problems with ejaculation52. Back pain
9. Stimulation Memory 20. Heart31. Upset stomach42. Testicular pain
10. Eye veins21. Diabetes32. Bladder infection
43. Almond pain

11. Ear veins22. Kidney disease33. Urinary Incontinence
44. Hormone deficiency

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