Quado Clarity Meditation Transcript

Quado Clarity Meditation Transcript


This meditation is intended to help you bring clarity to situations and relationships.


Now, breathe down to a quiet place, counting down from ten to one.  When we reach one, you will feel very, very relaxed.


And now, breathe.  Breathe in, ten, ten, ten and out ten, ten, ten.  (And so on, down to one.)


Now take one more deep breath and relax completely as we invite the loving energy of the universe to clear away all problems and issues, all fear and all doubt, all thoughts of the past and future. 


Picture the energy as it gathers in the sky above you, little gold and silver particles of energy, swirling gently around.  Energy which is pure and clean, energy which is made of wisdom and love, the great unending love of the universe, which is there for you, ever and always.


See now this gently swirling energy as it forms into a cone, a cone of loving energy, pure energy, gently swirling around.


And now, this cone lowers slowly down to you and it covers your head.  And as it covers your head, you feel your mind clearing, clearing completely.  All worries over the future are gone, lifted gently away in the cone of loving energy, pure energy, cleansing energy.  All regrets and shame over the past are cleared away, gently lifted away. 


You are now clear of all thoughts and feel instead the peaceful silence of the mind at rest.  Peace descends upon your mind and you feel completely clear and open, receptive to new ways of thinking and being, receptive to your intuition.


And now the cone of energy dips lower and it covers your throat.  And here, it clears any blocks to your self-expression.   When the time comes for you to express yourself, the words will flow.  Any fear you have of saying what you need to say and doing what you need to do is completely cleared away. You are filled with confidence, first that you will know what to say, and secondly that you will be able to say it.  Your confidence in yourself is complete and you are full of a deep self-knowledge which will allow you to find just the right words.


And now the cone of energy moves lower and it covers your heart.  And here you open up completely to the gentle love of the universe.  You know that it is there for you and there for everyone else as well.  You know that as you open your heart fully to love, a solution will be found which is best for you and everyone else.  You have complete faith that such a solution exists and that you will be led to find it.


You feel your heart opening as you release any anger or frustration which you have been feeling.  You release all negative emotions completely and open your heart, wider and wider.  And as you do this, the ice within your heart melts.  The hardness softens.  The cracks and fissures begin to heal.  Your heart is open and receptive and completely healed.  And you know that the open and receptive heart is strong and pliable.  It needs no hardness;  it needs no protection.  It is strong because of its pliability and openness.  This is what makes your heart strong and resilient.


And now the cone of energy moves down and covers your center, your solar plexus, your core of truth and rightness.  This is the place where the answers reside.  This is the place where you connect with your own truth and the greater truth, the greater wisdom of the universe.  This is the place where you will reach the one best action for this situation, the one best approach.  All of the answers are here and you begin to fill with a wonderful sense of peace.


You feel like a deep well which is filing with pure water, water which is peace, water which is love, water which is your connection to the great wisdom of the universal mind and consciousness.


You feel your connection, here in your center.  You know and feel that you can tap into all that is, into the hearts and minds of other people, and more, into their higher intentions.  Through this connection deep in your core, you can reach the higher selves of all other people  You can reach them and know the very best action for you to take, the very best words for you to speak, to reach them, to reach the part of them which goes beneath and beyond fear and is, like you, searching for a deep truth.


And now, the energy moves down and covers your sexual center, and here it clears away your fears over your attractiveness, any fears you have over your adequacy and personal power.  It lifts all fears and doubts away and opens you to the deep passion which is within you,  the passion to live life vibrantly and well, free of petty cares and concerns.   You feel connected to your deep passion to live, to be, to feel and to know.


And now the cone covers the rest of your body and you are cleared completely of your survival fears, those fears about just getting by.  All of this is lifted and you know absolutely that you are strong and capable and that help is there for you, all around you.  You feel yourself centered deeply within this life and feel safe and secure.  You are surrounded by love and caring, and your safety and security stems from this, this faith in yourself and this certain knowledge that you are never alone.


And now, this clear and clean energy is all within you.  You feel safe and secure.  You feel connected to your passion.  You feel a center of peace within you, a center which reaches into the rightness of all that is.  And as this sense of rightness and truth rises up within you, it passes through your heart, where it is covered with love.  And as it rises further up, this loving truth finds open expression and colors your thoughts, so that your mind is no longer in conflict with your truths, but is instead informed by it.


And now, you are aware of a bright golden ball of energy above you and know it as your higher self.  And you see the shaft of golden energy which comes from your higher self and enters you.  You consciously open the top of your head wider and wider as this shaft of golden energy strengthens, widens and pours into you.


Your entire mind and body are filling with light, as you glow ever more brightly, filled with your higher intentions and purpose.


Who you are and why you are here is felt in every part of your body.  You are glowing with self-love; you are glowing with self-knowledge.  You can feel that there is purpose and meaning to your life, even though you might not be able to express it in words.  It is known in your center and in your heart, and it will be there to inform all of your decisions.


For a moment we will pause here as you light the fire within you, as you allow your center to glow more and more brightly, lit from your own higher self, full of knowledge, full of beingness, full of connection and truth, full of the rightness which is you.


And now, we ask that all of this knowledge and love, all of this truth, be applied to the questions, the situations, and the relationships for which you have requested guidance.


We ask that the answer fill you and that you reach clarity on what to say and to do.


And now we are done.  So bring yourself gently into full consciousness.  Wiggle your fingers and then your toes.  Stretch your arms up over your head, and when you are ready, open your eyes.


Everything you need to know is within you, in your core, deep within the peace of the now.


Source: http://www.carriehart.com/clarity_transcript.htm


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