The House

The House


All the rooms in the house were being decorated for Diwali. Everything had to be sparkling clean and bright.


The living room said: "Hey look at me, I'm so huge. I'm the one decorated with beautiful things. I'm the most sparkling room of the house. I'm the best."


The bedroom could not resist this challenge, he retorted and said: "OK! You may be the biggest but I am the most important room in the house because everybody longs to take rest here when they are tired. The energy of everybody gets revitalised when they come to me."


The kitchen scoffed and said: "Can you rest with an empty stomach! If it were not for me what could anybody eat? Where could the food be cooked? Where would the energy come from without food? So you see, I am the most important."


The little bathroom was feeling neglected. He dare not speak too loud among these luminous dignitaries. He said meekly: "What about me, everybody needs to use me too, even if I'm smelly sometimes."


Now who could decide which was most valuable room of the house? Could these rooms do without each other?


No, no... They could all be the best places in the house. But still there was something more in there which never spoke, nor could be seen, but was always there. In fact it was in & out of all the walls of the house, all the rooms were rooted in it!


It is the SPACE! The space was not confined to a single room but instead it was present everywhere...


It was because of the space that all the rooms were existing! Every room thought: "This is my space! The space was not in the rooms but the truth is that the rooms were in the space. The space existed silently, all pervasively, selflessly, and so could hold within itself all their vanities and yet it is not bound by them.


Likewise, none of us need to prove that we are superior in any respect.  No religion can be superior either.  We draw spiritual energy from the same source.  He/She/It is confined within us, we exist in It. The omnipresent soul (space) is the basis of all existence and yet never utters a single word.  


It does not need to prove itself, does it?


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