UPs and DOWNs are part of this life
Positives and negatives are traits of this life
Black and white are shades of this life
Good and bad are aspects of this life

People strive for a beautiful life
People can do anything for a confortable life
People yearn for a richly life
People dream of a happy life

Smiles bring smiles in life
Gloom brings darkness in life
Cheers bring happiness in life
Despair bring sadness in life

A simple celebration is this life
A simple jubilation is this life
A grand fiesta is this life
A grand creation is this life

To just get going is want of this life
To keep moving is the aim of this life

It's so true that Love is Life
It's so true that Work is Life
It's so true that Hope is Life
And it's also true that Success is Life

Oh Life!! What a beautiful life!!
So I say live life love life
Make full use of this life
It won't come again
... you only have one life
... only once is this life!
Live it!!


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