WE'RE all very good at creating negative thoughts and patterns. Stop letting the negative energy drive you. Rather, let positive thoughts and emotions drive you to a new destination.

    You might say stopping the negativity especially when it is all around you sounds easy. You might even say that nothing good is happening in your life currently so therefore it is impossible to have positive affirmations. This is simply untrue. The only thing that controls that difference between where you are and where you want to be are your emotions and your ability to stop negativity. Live in the present. If you have a dream and you want to accomplish something then describe what you desire as though you already have it, as if the dream has already been accomplished.

    State your affirmations and be positive. Your brain does not do well with negative comments....Use power words. If we want to change our lives we need to select words that allow expanding our level and creating positive results. Words shape our beliefs, and they create action. Change your state. Self doubt stems from our state. One of the best ways to end self doubt is to end your state. Change your body language and you simply can change your self doubt.

    The moment you feel sad, lonely or depressed, simply do something that can change your state. You can exercise, go for a walk, watch a funny show or movie, read a good book or go to dinner with a friend. Visualize the result. Visualize what it would look like if you reached your pleasure without the doubt.

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