Just like a car cannot drive without fuel, a person's 'drive' requires acknowledgement. We all need to hear, "Keep it up!" once in awhile to keep our passion alive. To be acknowledged by others for our efforts—large and small—is affirming. We know that others value what we do and that knowledge propels us to continue to give our best.

So why is it that you lagging sometimes behind a league of successful people? Even you can do it, go ahead and achieve the best out of your available resources.


So what are you lacking?

Just out of resentment at your work, perhaps your mom had just made you feel pathetic about your scores in the exams. Perhaps your boss has reprimanded you being eccentric in the organization. So what's the big deal? They have the freedom to tell you anything and everything and finally go ahead and carry out with their daily chores of work. Remember you have to prove them wrong! It can be by any means or by any channel. Find out the reasons of you going unnoticed. Figure out your efficiency levels and come up with a positive modus-operandi. Take a time-out and value the antipathy that reached you. If you value the antipathy you can work towards your success. Think intensely, keep thinking, value the antipathy, consider the different ways to combat it and be assured of the fact that you will create an anti-dote for the aversion that has just shattered you.


Learn to acknowledge

As kids, we were all loved and showered with acknowledgements from our parents, relatives, neighbours and even friends at certain times. Human beings always crave for any kind of acknowledgement. We wait for everything and almost anything. We wait for parent's approval, wait for our boss to give us a handsome pay-rise, wait to spend the most enchanting and blissful moment with our soul mates. As we grow up we tend to ignore certain achievements which may not be meaningful in terms of success. We should always learn to be happy with what we have with us. Learn to acknowledge your own achievements, no matter what it is. Don't try to associate everything in terms of success and failures. Rather take a more positive approach towards everyday life.


The Self-Acknowledgement Syndrome

• Always learn to acknowledge yourself at least 10 times in a day on something you feel you have done well. It can be anything right from scoring a huge six in a gulley cricket match or for safely driving your car to the office.

• If you start appreciating other people by acknowledging them, making them feel good, they will start noticing your act of goodness and they will indeed come back with something to make you feel good. This is a very effective tool to mark your success and stay perked up even at real testing times of your life.

• Whenever you mark yourself with a self acknowledging factor, make it a point that you speak to your own self or if possible scream at the top of your voice and just believe the magic of your own words will make you feel positive and vibrant from all corners.

• The key to make positive changes in our lives lies in understanding how the process works. It needs to feel good and exciting. The more fun and energy you create, the stronger its effect will be on yourself and others. So next time when somebody tries to pin a blame on you or reprimands you, never lose hope. Take it rationally and work to improve yourself with an extraordinary change.


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