Let us Align our habits

Let us align our habits

 You are making decisions all the time and those decisions directly affect the way your life unfolds. Your level of Success and fulfilment depends on how often and how well those decisions line up with your dreams.

 Certainly when you're contemplating the big, noticeable decisions, you make sure they align with your values and purposes. But what about all the little momentary decisions you're constantly making?

 Those seemingly small decisions have great power because there are so many more of them. And they're decisions you can often make without even thinking about them.

 Those unthinking decisions are known as habits. A habit is a decision you make once that is carried out again and again. Though each action done by habit may be small, the cumulative effect on your life can be enormous. The way to move your life in the direction you choose, is to make sure that all your many habits are working with you rather than against you.

 Take the time and make the effort to align your habits with your goals and dreams. Improving those little habits can truly be the biggest decision you make.

 Contributed by: asharaj53 @ gmail.com


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