Abe and Bill!

There are two donkeys Abe & Bill - best of buddies. At the village fair Abe is sold to a rich Arab while Bill is sold to a farmer.

 The Arab treats Abe like his child, takes good care of him etc. etc. while the farmer ill treats Bill, does not feed him well and makes him work hard.

 After few years Abe & Bill meet and have a chat.

 Abe is very sad about the way Bill has been living and says that "My Arab can buy you from the farmer and you can have a good life too." 

Bill says, "No, I have hope here."

 Abe: "What Hope?"

 Bill: The farmer has a beautiful daughter, and when she misbehaves the farmer tells her - "If you continue misbehaving I will marry you off to this donkey!"

 Contributed by: comp.oneness @ gmail.com (D.Kumar)


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