Corner of Mind

There was once a group of learned Buddhist monks who spent all their time in scholasticdebate. As part of their banter they would often wonder, half-joking, half-seriously, which one of them would attain enlightenment first.

 Whenever this topic came up, the only thing they could all agree on was that it would not be Stupid, the illiterate monk who was capable only of sweeping the monastery floor and whom nobody has any time for.

 Make me feel like a woman

Of course, it was Stupid who got enlightened first. The jealous monks went to the Abbot. How come Stupid had attained enlightenment first? Had he been overhearing their intellectual conversations?

 “Not at all,” replied the Abbot. “It’s just that while he was sweeping  the corners of themonastery he made  sure he was also sweeping the corners  of his mind.”

Contributed by: comp.oneness @ gmail.com (D.Kumar)


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