Lessons from the Story of Dacoits

A team of Dacoits looted Rs. 5 Crores from a bank. After a week, when they wanted to share the amount, they found that the entire amount was missing! The Team leader did a thorough investigation & suspected a team member, who was deaf & dumb, but, was very cunning! The team lead tried getting the info from that man, but, was not successful, as he was not aware of the “Sign Language”, which deaf & dumb use to communicate. He grew frustrated, pulled out his revolver & threatened him. The dumb guy, grew very nervous fearing for his life & started making gestures in the sign language, indicating that  he has hid the amount in the backyard of his house. The deputy lead, who was the only one to know the sign language in the team & who was equally cunning, sensed an opportunity & pitched in. He mislead his team lead  & the entire team saying that the dumb guy is daring the team lead to shot at him! This infuriated the team lead wildly & he shot him dead. Then, the deputy team lead vanquished the entire amount & then, vanished from the team! But, while running away with the loot, he was killed in a Police Encounter!




Some lessons from this small story:




1.       The looks are deceptive. People may look very innocent, gullible & dull headed. But, be careful! Who knows, they may be cunning, self-centered & what not? So, be very careful while selecting members for your team.


2.       If you are not in know of something & still a team lead, then, the chances are that you may be taken for a ride as happened in the above case! So, you better keep yourself updated.


3.       To win a battle or accomplish something, you have to have trusted lieutenants! Else, you will not only lose the battle, but, may lose the war too!


4.       The success of the team should be shared. If a single individual tries to take the credit for the team’s achievements, then, he may succeed temporarily. But, in the long run, he has to pay a heavy price, as the dumb guy in the story above.


5.       There are team members, who would be waiting to exploit your weakness! Be aware of them.


6.       We are living in an era, when, people create their own opportunities. So, it is highly imperative that, you be the first one to capture the chances.


7.       There are absolutely no shortcuts for success! Success obtained through shortcuts, may cut you short! The deputy team lead is an example for this.


Contributed by: aghu_pv @ spanservices.com



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