Fragrance and Perfume Tips for Women

The appeal of fragrance goes back centuries, with the use of plants, animal sources and incense in religious ceremonies. Each civilization had their own use and opinions of fragrance as time passed. Scents emit beauty and allure.

Modern fragrances and perfumes evolved and have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Different types come with various price tags. Perfumes provide the best value but are the costliest of all fragrances.

·               Parfum - The most expensive with the longest staying power.

·               Eau de Parfum - Less oil and staying power.

·               Eau de Toilette - Suitable for office and work environment provided there's no allergies or complaints. :-)

·               Eau de Cologne - The most inexpensive and weakest scent.

The most popular scent categories include:

·               Fresh, natural, green and floral scents

·               Fruity, citrus and spicy

·               Musk and pheromones

·               Oriental

·               Classic woodsy scent

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·               Sporty scents

Choosing Fragrance and Perfume:

Women often choose their fragrance according to their personality and chemistry without even realizing it. What appeals to them often reflects their personal self.

Fragrances smell different on everybody, so it's best not to test a scent on a friend. When shopping, stick to no more than three or four perfumes so you don't confuse them. A fragrance will smell different several minutes after you apply it, so give it some time before making any decisions.

Applying Fragrance:

Apply fragrance to your skin and pulse points only. Allow it to dry naturally. Do not rub your wrists together, this will alter and diminish the scent. Avoid using it near your face or behind your ears. There is no staying power in those locations and this will only dry out your skin.

To avoid any stains and discoloration, do not get any on your clothing or jewelry. Let your fragrance dry before getting dressed. Some perfumes are darker and have more of a tendency to stain, so take special care with "dry clean only" clothing that can't be washed after every wear. Follow proper storage rules, fragrance will darken with age and improper storage.

For a longer staying aroma, apply the same scent in layers. Many fragrances also come in bath soap, gel, and body lotion. Top off with perfume of the same scent for the long run. This will probably last you six to eight hours.

Keep strong fragrances out of the office and workplace. Some people genuinely have an allergy to perfumes and don't appreciate the irritation. They can produce headaches and bring on an asthma attack, so apply sparingly.

Storing Fragrance and Perfumes:

Avoid extreme temperatures when storing fragrances. Keep your bottle tightly capped, upright and out of direct sunlight. It's not necessary to store them in the refrigerator, however, a cool, dark place should prolong the life of your scent.

A tip to remember... Don't stockpile your perfumes for a special day. Over time, the scent will alter and diminish and you won't get what you paid for. Enjoy your fragrance today, while it's in it's prime.

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