The moving stones of Racetrack Playa (contributed by Arun M)

Many people don't care much for rocks, and I don't blame them, there aren't many things out there more boring than rocks, but these ones are pretty special and people travel great distances just to take photos of them. These rocks move around the valley for great distances without any animal or human intervention and in the early 1900s people believes this phenomenon had something to do with the magnetic field of the place, a theory contradicted by modern science. The most logical explanation for the unusual movement of the stones are the powerful winds blowing through the canyons, but that hasn't been proven either.
The moving stones of Racetrack Playa have never been caught on tape or seen live by anyone, which adds to their mystery and many are convinced paranormal forces are at work here. The strange trails of some rocks makes me think about that too actually…

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