The Gamble

A honeymoon couple in Las Vegas decides to allocate $1,000 for gambling. By the third day, they lose it all.

That night, the groom sees an object on the table. He realizes it is a $5 gambling chip they have saved as a souvenir. For some strange reason, the number 17 on the chip catches his attention (it seems to glow).

Taking it as good omen, he rushes down to the casino. He moves to the roulette table and places the $5 chip on the square marked 17.

The ball hit 17 and the 35:1 bet paid $175 (any single number in roulette has odds of 35:1). He let his winnings ride (meaning he let the entire amount stay in the 17 square). Lady Luck smiled at him and, once again, the ball landed on 17. He now gets $6,125 (35 x 175). This happens thrice till he lands up with $262 million. Lady Luck must have been grinning at him!

Now he has a choice. Should he let his winnings ride? If his winning streak continues, he will get more than $9 billion. Or should he walk away with $262 million?

He decides to take the risk.

This time the ball lands on 18 and he loses everything!

Dejected (and broke), he ambles back to his room.

"Where were you?" asked his bride as he entered their room.

"Playing roulette."

"How did you do?"

"Not bad. I lost only $5 dollars."

Moral: Money made by investing in the stock market is as real as your salary and bonus. Why should it be treated so frivolously?


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